Innovative timing solutions with Race Result equipment

Innovative timing solutions with Race Result equipment

At K2 Sports we specialise in providing live timing with the Race Result’s equipment. Both with active transponders and passive tags. Race Result AG have in their inventory a selection of well tested and reliable equipment.


Linked with the professionally developed and highly powerful RaceTec software, we can provide reliable, accurate and live solutions to complex timing requirements.

With the active system using Race Result’s v2 active transponder we can deploy remote track boxes and timing points with sim card connections to run live timing.

A great example was the Ironbourne long distance triathlon based in Eastbourne and part of the TriBourne portfolio of events that we time. With a tradition connected network of timing points around transition that is a feature of everyday triathlon timing we also deployed a remote timing box at the end of Eastbourne pier for the swim start. This was over a kilometre away from HQ and provided accurate and dedicated live start times.

Out on to the bike, it featured two primary laps that were over 15 miles away from the venue. We deployed 10 remote trackboxes to effectively provide 16 live timing points enabling us, the organisers and spectators to monitor the position of all the athletes throughout the day.

On the A27 we had to contend with major roadworks as the bike course crossed over the A27. With active loop boxes laid out to record the time on the timing chip as they passed over the start and finish point of the roadwork, we were able to deduct accurate “deadzone” times for all competitors to ensure every competitors time was fair.

On the run course similar live remote timing points on a multilap run course ensured everyone was up to date of competitors positions. Results appeared live all day long by virtue of the RaceTec software solution. This is the same software used in many Ironman and World Championship events around the world. We delivered an effective and complex solution to one of our favourite triathlon partners.

Courtesy of My Sport Photos